Devtraco Foundation Supports Fight Against Teenage Pregnancy

On Tuesday 22nd December 2020, the Devtraco Foundation in partnership with Faytex Sanitary Pads and Innova DDB, donated an undisclosed amount of money and assorted items including food stuff and detergents to the ‘Mama Happy Life Enhancement Foundation (MAHLEF)’ in Bankuman inside Tema Newtown. According to the Human Resource Manager for ‘Devtraco Plus’ Helena Dodoo Ankrah, the donation was a show of their support for the programme and their commitment to adding their voice to such social programmes that seek to improve the lives of people in the communities. 

Speaking at the event in Tema Newtown, the Human Resource Manager of ‘Devtraco Plus’ Helena Dodoo Ankrah, said that stigmatization based on hasty generalization of teenage pregnancy related cases and even street children, was wrong and commended the ‘Mama Happy Life Enhancement Foundation (MAHLEF) for not yielding to such perceptions. “Sometimes, in our society, people think that every teenage pregnancy is a result of being naughty. But, not all are so. Even if it is so, there is still redemption for everybody. So, it is refreshing to know that somebody is actually paying attention to our communities by opening up and embracing these people in these unfortunate situations. Devtraco Foundation always tries to lookout for unique initiatives such as these,  and I must say that we are honored to be here”, she said.

The Founder of the ‘Mama Happy Life Enhancement Foundation (MAHLEF)’ Rev. Georgina Happy Crentsil, explained her drive behind the foundation. “MAHLEF is a vision born out of a dream and passion. Since I was a child, I have always been gathering children. Now, I am a missionary evangelist, so wherever I go or whatever I do, children are involved”, she said. 

The Brand Ambassador for Faytex Sanitary Pad and also the Sales Manager for ‘Devtraco Plus’, Award winning Actress and film producer Rabby Bray, presented the items together with the team from the Devtraco Foundation and thanked the management of ‘Mahlef’ for their commitment to helping improve the society. “We have just a token, because for what you are doing we cannot give you enough. We love you and thank you so much for supporting Ghana”, she said.

‘Mama Happy Life Enhancement Foundation (MAHLEF) officially commenced recruiting less privileged people into their training facility in 2017 and has had pregnant members from as low as age 13. The MAHLEF programme currently has 200 children enrolled and about 45 widows as well as a significant number of lactating mothers. 

According to the Founder Rev. Georgina Happy Crentsil, everyone on the programme is provided with basic needs such as nutrition, maternity clothing, counseling and in some cases shelter and National Health Insurance Scheme (N.H.I.S) cards. She added that vocational and life skills training namely basket weaving, baking, beads making and so on, were provided in the programme. 

As part of the event was a brief talk by actress Rabby Bray, who took the girls through a motivational session coupled with education on menstruating. Also among the team from the Devtraco Foundation was the Marketing Manager Robert Owusu – Sekyere who also praised the efforts of the ‘Mama Happy Life Enhancement Foundation’.

By Jerry Wonder

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