‘Rabby’s Starlets Tv Show’ First Evictee Asks For Second Chance!

Last weekend, Rosalinda Oppong became the first person to be evicted from the Rabby’s Starlets reality television show. Following her eviction, the young upcoming actress released a video last night on social media where she passionately asked the public to put her back into the competition by voting for her on the official Instagram page of the programme. 

Upcoming actress and former member of the Rabby’s Starlets reality television show Rosalinda Oppong, expressed her desire to be back in the house after being evicted during the weekend. “Please vote for me to come back to the house. Keep watching Rabby’s Starlets”, she said. 

Her cheerful attitude and smiles sent a message of optimism in returning to the house and possibly passion for the Rabby’s Starlets reality television show. 

The public will have the opportunity to either vote ‘yes’ to bring Rosalinda back into the competition or ‘no’ to maintain her as an evictee. Meanwhile, voting has been initiated on the official page of the Rabby’s Starlets reality television series. 

One of the guest judges on the show Actor Qwasi Blay, has applauded the initiative. “When you are grooming someone, you need to look at many areas to ensure that they are well prepared and I saw that in the show. The ladies were coached on their fashion sense, speaking in front of the camera, and public composure just to name a few”, he explained.

Other guests on the programme included celebrated Ghanaian filmmaker Veronica Quarshie Nai.

Rabby’s Starlets shows on Homebase television (Ghana) every Saturday at 9pm and on Sunday at 9pm on Startimes (Ghana). 
By Jerry Wonder 

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