Kobi Rana Explains Why He Setup An ‘Online Cinema’

Celebrated multi – talented Ghanaian filmmaker Kobi Rana has created an online movie streaming platform www.kobiranafilms.com a few days ago. In an exclusive interview with Shine Publications some days ago via phone, he stated that this initiative was necessitated by calls from his many fans abroad who wanted to see his films but couldn’t attend his premieres due to proximity challenges. He added that both local and international fans would now be able to watch his films at a fee irrespective of their location.

Many filmmakers in Ghana are finding ways to still make a decent living despite the indefinite closure of cinemas in Ghana; due to the presence of the killer virus Covid – 19. But, Filmmaker Kobi Rana said that his new online movie streaming platform was necessitated by demand from his fans. “I created that platform because I want my fans all over the world, and even people who are not really into Ghanaian movies, to be able to watch our Ghanaian content and see how unique our productions are. So, this is an opportunity for my fans across the world to enjoy some of our works, and I know that they will love this as they have been asking for it with numerous messages in my inbox on social media”, he said.

Kobi Rana also said that his new movie platform is open to other filmmakers who want to exhibit their materials. “It is an African film distribution platform. However, this platform is not just for my films; it’s also for everyone who wants to show their films to the world”, he said.

To officially launch the movie platform, Kobi Rana will be also premiering his new movie ‘Hello’, on the website on Valentine’s Day 14th February 2021. The movie has a theme linked to the presence of the Coronavirus in Ghana.

By Jerry Wonder

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