Charterhouse Launches Impact Woman Honors 2021 … Veronica Bekoe and Methodist Girls S.H.S Honored

As part of the year’s activity to challenge women, Charterhouse launched an honoring initiative based on solely merits dubbed the Impact Woman Honors.  The main focus of the initiative is to award women who stood out as worthy role models in Ghana. The awards scheme was launched as part of activities during the National Women’s Summit at the Grand Arena in Accra on the 8th of March 2021.  The 3rd National Women’s Summit was under 2 themes this year. The main theme and a sub theme: ‘Choose to Challenge’ and ‘You Deserve to Be Well’ respectively governed the 2 – session event with resource personnel speaking to a live audience at both segments.

2 awards were given out to one Ghanaian female inventor and a female institution for their show of excellence in their fields of endeavor. One of the recipients was Mrs. Veronica Bekoe; the inventor of the famous ‘Veronica Buckets’ who received the 2021 ‘Impact Woman Honor’ (Woman Inventor Award).  Also in recognition of their sterling performances at the World Robotics Championship for 2019 and 2020, was the Methodist Girls S.H.S Robotic Club who received the 2021 ‘Youth STEM Impact Award’. This award was presented to the students who have for the past 2 years represented Ghana and their school at the world championship and have been become an inspiration to their peers in STEM.

Every year for the past 3 years, leading events hub, charterhouse has organized a summit to celebrate women who are constantly challenging the status quo and striving to succeed in various fields of endeavors. The summit, which had both live and online audience, saw accomplished women who had risen through the ranks in their respective professions, present to share their experiences and success stories to inspire their fellow women and the next generation.

By Jerry Wonder


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