“Africa Can’t Be Poor” – Rasta blames leaders on new song

REGGAE Musician Issa Anno is blaming leaders in Ghana and Africa as a whole for making the country poor when we have everything as a people to progress.
On his latest song ‘Oh Africa’, recorded by sound engineer Appietus and released two weeks ago, Issa Anno, known in showbiz as ‘Rasta’, attributes the struggles of Ghana to bad leadership.

On the song, Rasta says the country is blessed with oil, gold, bauxite, cocoa, timber but cannot boast of developmental projects.

He uses the song to embolden citizens to muster the courage to hold leaders accountable if they fail to honour their promises when they are voted to power. The song, according to Rasta, is not meant for partying but a call for action. “This song is not for dancing or to entertain, but intended to cause a change in Ghana. I want our leaders to be up and doing. We cannot continue to live in poverty when we have everything to prosper and yet can‘t make any meaningful headway as a country,” he stated.

According to Rasta, many countries could not boast of the mineral resources that abound in Ghana, yet they are progressing because of good leadership and foresight. “Can’t we have reliable leaders who would be truthful and do the right things for the betterment of this country? It is so sad that we are 64 years old and the country cannot boast of basic things that should be common to every citizen in the country,” he said.

Rasta who is a Truck Driver in Switzerland, but is currently in Ghana to promote his song, started his music career more than a decade ago and has songs such as ‘Summer Girls’, ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Set Me Free’ and ‘I Am Back Again’.

By Kofi Duah

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