Reggie Rockstone Comments on ‘Hiplife’ Separation from ‘Hip Hop’ at Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2021

The Founder of Hiplife Music Reggie Rockstone, a few days ago in an exclusive phone interview with Shine Publications, responded to the separation of Hiplife Music from Hip Hop music as one ‘nominee category’ at this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. He said it got him thinking, but after a while, he thought it was a good thing to do as he cited the need for differentiation between the two genres.

Ghanaian Hip Hop pioneer and the Father of Hiplife Music Reggie Rockstone, explained that differentiating Hiplife from Hip Hop, does not change the fact of their similarities and connection. Therefore, he doesn’t see why the two can’t be separated. “Why shouldn’t they separate them? Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been the need for creating Hiplife. But, it also doesn’t take anything away from the fact that Hip Hop is the Mother of Hiplife”, he explained.

Reggie Rockstone Founded the Hiplife movement in the 90’s by rhyming mostly in ‘Twi’ over Hip Hop beats, break – dancing, and exhibiting a youthful sense of fashion fused with the ever popular dreadlocks. This paved they way for an entire generation of rappers and even singers with the new youthful craze called ‘Hiplife’.

By Jerry Wonder

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