Rosemond Brown a.k.a ‘Akuapem Poloo’ Is Not the Main Culprit! ……… Editor’s Desk

The Ghanaian media today might be labelled as one of the most irresponsible but powerful sectors in Ghana. Currently, in the showbiz sector or entertainment industry as most people call it, majority of the trendy news is drenched in controversies, exaggeration of false expensive lifestyles, and sexually motivating content. Legacies which have been built with hard work over time, have been disregarded and locked up in the museum. Today, the media prefers young indecent ladies who have no problem in singing sexually provocative songs in front of audiences filled with men old enough to be their fathers? No wonder the rise of ritual human sacrifices and all sort of immoral and illegal ways to get rich has become a reality in Ghana. Ghana today is like a Nigerian horror movie without an end. So, why should Actress Rosemond Brown also known as ‘Akuapem Poloo’, be sentenced to jail because of indecent exposure?

Waking up to the sound of entertainment shows in Ghana used to be refreshing. I remember the days of ‘Agoro’ hosted by David Dontoh; it was so much fun to see Ghanaians test their knowledge and have fun at the same time. Today, entertainment has become grounds for falsehood and selfish individuals and organizations in Ghana. Even, the word Actress is almost synonymous with the term ‘Slay Queen’, because every female celebrity must be in an expensive car, live in a rich estate and date a famous or wealthy man. This glorified stereotypical image of the world of stardom in Ghana, is the root cause of the current problems our moral structures are facing.  When I tune into a youthful Ghanaian radio station, I can’t listen to the station for a brief period without hearing a song which preaches that ‘money is equal to success and happiness and even self – actualization.  

Many awards’ ceremonies have even made the comparison of money to success more resounding.  Nowadays, the nominees must accrued votes which are directly equivalent to money; some award organizers even call the nominees individually to ask them to vote for themselves massively in order to guarantee a win. In simple words, honor now has a price and it’s selling to the highest bidder! Even the most prestigious Ghana Journalism Awards, in recent times, has come under ridicule as media houses owned by wealthy people have been given many awards for showcasing sensational news; something which has always been contrary to the ethics and rules of professional journalism around the world.  

So, why wouldn’t a young lady from a humble background enjoy providing sexually provocative content to Ghanaians on social media and other platforms to feed herself and family? After all, it is these things she has done that have accorded her the title of ‘celebrity’ in Ghana and monetary benefits. Rosemond Brown has been invited to many prestigious awards in Ghana to present awards. She has been on the most watched television programmes as the main focus during interviews, but not because of her good acting skills which has been showcased in movies like ‘The Inner Woman’ and others, but for her rhythmic bum rolls also known as ‘twerking’.  No wonder organizers of the famous ‘Cardi B’ Music Concert in Accra, invited Rosemond Brown among other female Actresses, to meet the glorified stripper turned successful international rapper.

So, what we now look at as disgusting is only the result of something we all nurtured from birth till maturity. And for everyone who watched any of her ‘twerking’ videos and enjoyed it even for a second, we are guilty!  This is a complicated case of a bad parent or a bad child? So, once again, I ask, why blame Rosemond Brown?

By Jerry Wonder

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