Kobi Rana Applauds V.G.M.A 2021 for ‘Music for Good’ Category

Ghanaian multi – talented Filmmaker Kobi Rana, has described the recent addition of the former ‘Music for Development’ category now known as ‘Music for Good’, as a ‘social blessing’ to Ghana. In a brief phone interview today with Shine Publications, he said the category works hand – in – hand with the silent responsibility of creative minds. The ‘Music for Good’ category was recently reintroduced by the organizing company of the annual Vodafone Ghana Music Awards ‘Charterhouse’, as efforts to promote the advocacy for good social practices through music.

Popular Filmmaker, actor, dancer and musician ‘Kobi Rana’, has expressed his joy at the reintroduction of the award for ‘Music for Good’ at this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards; including his gladness at the reward attached. “Apart from entertainment, music is to educate, so this is a great initiative. Especially, with the rewards that come with it. This will definitely motivate many musicians in Ghana to also think about giving back to their communities through their songs as well”, he said.

Despite showing appreciation for the added category to this year’s V.G.M.A, he didn’t say whether he would be sending his popular song ‘We Will Survive’ which he released last year during the upsurge of the Coronavirus. The song contained motivational lyrics aimed at shining a light of hope in the dark moment of global despair.

By Jerry Wonder

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