Adjetey Anang, Clemento Suarez and Veronica Quarshie Return to ‘Rabby’s Starlet’ Season 2

After the success of season one of ‘Rabby’s Starlet’ reality television show, some of the celebrity guests, by popular demand, have been enlisted to make an appearance in season 2. The Creator of ‘Rabby’s Starlet’ Actress Rabby Bray, said that previous contestants mentioned these names among others as their favourite personalities to visit them during their stay in the house. She disclosed this in an interview on Tuesday in Accra. The new guests are being selected for in-house activities as well as judging roles for the second season of ‘Rabby’s Starlet’ due June this year.

Speaking on the need for mentorship for upcoming talents, the Creator of Rabby’s Starlet tv show Actress Rabby Bray, stated that it was a very important part of the ‘Rabby’s Starlet’ show, hence the need to carefully select mentors. “In this industry, you need someone who has been there to advise and guide you so you don’t make the same mistakes and delay your success. That’s why personally I was happy to hear names like Adjetey Anang, Veronica Quarshie Nai and others whom I invited in season one, as impactful and fun too. This is what Rabby’s Starlet stands for, educating yourself with practical challenges to help you in real life and having fun at the same time”, she said.

Finally, Rabby Bray said that the list was not yet complete as other guests were yet to be confirmed for season 2. Other names of previous guests that came up as favourites were pioneer actor Fred Amugi, actress Jessica Williams, Qwasi Blay and a few more. However, the actress promised a more exciting show with many surprises.

Last month, Rabby Bray was honoured at the Global Impact Awards in Abuja, Nigeria, for having the ‘Most Innovative Television Programme’ during the Covid -19 crisis. She is also the recipient of the award for the ‘Best Actress’ at the Kaduna International Film Festival in 2019.

By Jerry Wonder

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