KiDi Walks Out of 4syte Music Video Awards 2021!

Multiple award winning musician KiDi, yesterday in Accra, angrily left the 2021 edition of the annual 4syte Music Video Awards after engaging in a heated argument with a member of the protocol team at the venue. The argument ignited when a lady from protocol at the venue called Irene Ockrah – Anyim, refused a member of KiDi’s entourage from entering the venue. According to the protocol team, due to Covid -19 safety measures, the number of guests had to be limited at the venue. There were other musicians who had issues with protocol that night such as ‘Adina’ and rapper ‘Obibini’.

Initially, at about 9:20pm, KiDi was denied entry to the venue when he arrived at the entrance. The security together with protocol members stated that KiDi’s name was not on the guest list and therefore couldn’t be allowed in; despite being a nominee. Some industry personalities attempted to caution the security and the protocol team that KiDi was indeed a nominee and deserved to be there, but all attempts fell on deaf ears. KiDi left to his car but returned later in about 5 minutes; implying that the matter had been rectified. But, the issue got worse as protocol intercepted KiDi and his team, after making it through the first gate, and refused to allow a member of his entourage in to the building. KiDi responded saying, “He is not going anywhere! Unless you throw all of us out there!”.

At 10:29pm, popular media personality Abeiku Santana descended from the roof top where the event was being held together with the Founder of 4syte Music Video Awards Ignace Hego. They apologized for the inconveniences caused and granted entry to the remaining guests at the entrance. The 4syte Boss Ignace Hego, attempted to convince KiDi’s team, some of who where still at the entrance, to call KiDi back. “Where is KiDi? You guys should pull him back. Call him let me speak to him”, he said talking to KiDi’s road manager ‘Ekow’.

The Founder of the 4syte Music Video Awards Ignace Hego, further approached the protocol team and questioned the authenticity of the guest list. “You see, this list is not a correct list; if me myself I am not on the list. This is a racist list.”

There were other nominees who had issues with protocol that evening included award winning singer Adina and ‘Zylofon Music’ rapper ‘Obibini’. Adina’s management team where also refused entry as the official entry wrist bands were only reserved for Adina and none of her members. Her manager Kwame Farkye, had to complain for a while to protocol before minutes later, wrist bands were given to them. Rapper ‘Obibini’ stood outside the venue for a while before leaving without making it to the event hall. Even, popular entertainment pundit and the Founder of the annual 3Music Awards, was delayed for a while by security as his name was not on the guest list.

By Jerry Wonder

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