Argument Over Wrist Bands at 4syte Music Video Awards 2021

On the evening of the annual 4syte Music Video Awards on Friday at the plush Kwarleyz Residence in Accra, the management team of award-winning singer Adina, got into an argument with the protocol team at the venue. A member of Adina’s entourage popularly known as ‘Jake the Snake’, had reported at the entrance to collect official wrist bands for guests at the event. He was later seen to have been rudely spoken to by a member of the organizing team of the awards called ‘Jihan’. She stated that there was only one wrist band allocated to the singer and not her team members and so, if the singer couldn’t attend without her team members, she should remain outside. The Manager of Adina ‘Kwame Farkye’, later showed up and was given more than one wrist band only after he too had argued his way out with protocol.

At about 9:25pm, Adina’s Manager Kwame Farkye, had some direct words in response to the refusal of the management team of Adina from entering the venue during the 4syte Music Video Awards on Friday. “Adina cannot enter there (venue) alone”, he said.

Finally, after he was given multiple wrist bands from a member of the organizing team of the awards named ‘Jihan’, he expressed his gratefulness, however, added some disappointing remarks. “Thank you very much. But, what is happening here though is horrible; and you know it”, he said.

Suggestions are that there may have been a ‘clash’ of protocol arrangements between the organizers of the awards and the management of the venue (Kwarleyz Residence).

By Jerry Wonder

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