‘Date Rush’ Has Served Me Well! ….. Ali

A participant from hit reality television show ‘Date Rush’, named Mohammed Ali, has stated that the tv show has indeed been a blessing to him; especially as an upcoming actor in Ghana. He said both popularity and business proposals have been on the rise ever since he appeared on the show. He stated this in an exclusive phone interview with Shine Publications a few days ago from Accra.

Upcoming Actor Mohammed Ali is not the first upcoming actor to feature on the hit reality tv show ‘Date Rush’. However, he seems to be the first upcoming actor to be so appreciative of the show as a catalyst to his career. “Coming to ‘Date Rush’ has become very beneficial because, everything seems to be working for me. For example, people are calling me for little business deals like social media endorsements and I am also getting the fame that I have always wanted. Sometimes, people want to ‘snapchat’ with me when they see me in town”. Even, some stars who turned their back in me in the past, are now chatty with me on Instagram”, he said.

The upcoming actor added that it wasn’t all just about the fame but his current popularity which he gained through ‘Date Rush’, has gotten him some other serious businesses as well. “I have got a major movie and tv series deal in the pipeline so watch out”, he said.

Mohammed Ali previously featured in the award – winning film ’95 The Movie’ by Filmmaker Kofi Kyei. He hopes to do more and eventually make it to Hollywood like fellow Ghanaian actor Abraham Atta.

By Jerry Wonder

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