DateRush: I Will Marry Shemima In 2 years! …… Says Ali

Television personality Mohammed Ali popularly known as Ali, has revealed a few days ago to Shine Publications in a phone interview, that he intends getting married within the next 2 years to his date Shemima; who he met on the reality television series ‘DateRush’. This comes as a surprise to many as some viewers have said that the romantic relationship between Ali and Shemima was staged and therefore isn’t real.

Upcoming Actor Ali was very clear about him and Shemima. “People who are saying that my relationship with Shemima is not real should forget about that idea. Shemima and I are very cool with each other and still dating. There is also the possibility of us getting married; may be in a year or two, we will get married”, he said.

The hit reality tv series ‘DateRush’ has brought back a lot of excitement to tv in Ghana as young Ghanaians gather in a game show setting to choose their most preferred candidates for a date and possibly marriage. Ali Mohammed is one of the people who since his debut appearance on the show, has benefitted from media and public attention. However, some critics say that his alleged romantic relationship with co – star Shemima is just a pretence and an act of showbiz in order to generate excitement among the public.

By Jerry Wonder

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