Photography Is Not Pornography ….. Says Celebrity Photographer

Ghanaian Celebrity Photographer known as ‘Smith Imaging’, has cleared the air on the thin line between professional photography and pornography. He stated that, indeed he takes nude photos, but for paid business and usually advertising purposes. His comments on the photography industry in Ghana are timely as these days, photos with naked ladies are the norm on social media. He stated this in an interview with Shine Publications a few days ago in Accra.

Ace photographer ‘Smith Imaging’ defines photography as art, business and a profession. According to him, these are the guidelines for him and his career as a photographer. “The reason I take nude photos is strictly for business and upon request. I only take such photos when they are paid for because, photography is business and not pornography. However, all the nude photos I have taken in the past have been for very big deals and advertising purposes; and some have been used internationally, and that’s why you will never see such nude photos on any of my social media pages because they are bought by businesses and advertising agencies”, he explained.

Currently, photography has become very attractive to the youth especially in the rise of social media platform Instagram. But, many have argued that the sudden interest has been motivated by the wrong reason and is a growing sexual lust that will soon collapse the profession.

By Jerry Wonder

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