Cinemas Free to Operate as Government Lifts Ban!

In a brief phone interview a few minutes ago with the Chairman of the Film Classification Committee and Government spokesperson on matters of the Creative Arts ‘Socrates Safo’, he stated that cinemas can now be operational but with strict adherence to Covid – 19 safety measures. He added that the Ghana Tourism Authority (G.T.A) has the mandate to inspect and approve such venues before they commence operations. This comes as good news to many Ghanaian filmmakers following an indefinite ban on cinemas since last year amid the Coronavirus Crisis in Ghana.

Government’s Spokesperson on issues relating to the Creative Arts ‘Socrates Safo’ has stated that cinema operators must comply with the rules before they can be cleared. “People managing Cinemas must call on the Ghana Tourism Authority to have a look at their premises and their plan to ensure that Covid – 19 safety protocols will not be flouted, and if they are approved by the G.T.A, only then will they be allowed to go ahead and operate”, he said.

Socrates Safo’ added that the process was necessary in order to make sure that people still observed the Covid-19 safety precautions. ” If we don’t do this, people will just operate anyhow and the disease will start spreading again”, he said.

By Jerry Wonder

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