Amerado Chooses Sarkodie for a LIVE Battle at Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2021

Rapper Amerado has stated in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications yesterday via a phone interview, that he will not hesitate to go head – to – head in a lyrical battle against multiple award – winning rapper Sarkodie. Responding to a question about what he would do if given the opportunity to face off with any of the nominees in the category for ‘Best Rap Performance’ in a LIVE Battle on stage at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards next week, he said he would willingly choose Sarkodie. He added that though he has a lot of respect for Sarkodie and couldn’t match his achievements, this would be a fight for the ultimate crown in rap in Ghana and he couldn’t turn that down.

Rapper Amerado explained why he would choose Sarkodie as an opponent in a lyrical battle for the award of ‘Best Rap Performance’ at the annual Vodafone Ghana Music Awards this year. “I am one guy who always targets the best, and so if this award is really up for a battle, then I will go for Sarkodie. Because, when it comes to collaborations, among the nominees in this category, Sarkodie is the one who will get me the public’s attention. Also, in the competitive space, I feel the same way, because I wouldn’t want to go against somebody who I am on the same level with”, he said.

Rapper Amerado agreed that Sarkodie is an icon so far as rap music in Ghana is concerned. “Sarkodie is way ahead of me and therefore, there is no disrespect here. I love his craft, I really admire him and have been learning from him. But, I will standup to him if given the opportunity because, if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best”, he explained.

Finally, Rapper Amerado said that though many people told him that awards don’t pay the bills and therefore, he shouldn’t focus on them, he said awards such as the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards could play a very important role in the career of a musician from Ghana. “Winning the ‘Best Rap Performance’ of the year will be like welcoming Amerado to greatness. It will be like a statement summarizing all the hard work that I have done. One day, I would be able to show my kids the symbol of my hard work. Such an award will add to my achievements and make me more relevant; especially when corporate or business deals arise, it will speak for me”, he said.

By Jerry Wonder

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