Ghanaian Ladies Don’t Want to Work! …. Says Actress Afima Kpodo

Ghanaian Actress Afima Kpodo has lashed out at Ghanaian Ladies who want to live lavish lives but not at their own expense. The actress was addressing the issue of unemployment and poverty among today’s emerging Ghanaian woman. She stated this some days ago in an exclusive online interview with Shine Publications.

As an entrepreneur and an actress, some have asked how gorgeous Actress Afima Kpodo has managed to handle her financial expenses as a celebrity, a mother and as a young ambitious woman of style. She explained her principles to us. “You have to work hard. These days, most Ghanaian girls don’t want to work. All they do is sit down for a man to give them money. They want quick money also; this is very bad. They forget that, when you have your own work or business and you are working hard, the man will support as well, and also respect you. As for me, I don’t wait for a man to give me money, and that’s why I have worked so hard to get to where I am today”, she said.

Actress Afima Kpodo also blamed unnecessary expenditure as a major cause for many ladies being broke and unaccomplished. “The moment some of these girls start getting money, they begin buying expensive wigs, bags, dresses, and all sorts of things that don’t even give them money back. I’d rather look dirty for my work, and when I make it big enough for myself, I can buy these expensive things”, she said.

Actress Afima Kpodo has recently starred in a soon to be released television series called ‘Fantasy of Love’ featuring the top Ghanaian Actors like Kofi Adjorlolo, Kwaku Manu, Omar Krupp, and many more. The series was directed by Frank Naro and produced by Iconic Film Productions.

By Jerry Wonder

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