Ghana Needs an Action Hero …. Says Actor Anthony Woode

As a fan of action movies, Ghanaian Actor Anthony Woode has stated that Ghana needs an action hero in the Ghanaian cinematic world. He disagreed that Ghanaian action films cannot harvest huge financial gains in present day Ghana and called for them to be explored. Anthony Woode was addressing the issue of monotony on the Ghanaian screen with regards to movies. He disclosed this in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications yesterday in Accra.

Golden Movie Awards Africa 2020 Winner Anthony Woode, was very clear about Ghana’s readiness for an action hero. He said Ghanaians’ love for action movies has been alive since the days of old. “Personally, I think Ghanaian cinema needs a Ghanaian action hero. Growing up, I watched guys with muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Segal, and Bruce Willis, as they all embodied what was popularly called “Blow man and killer” in action films. These were common terms used in the Ghanaian community to describe the Antagonist and Protagonist or the villain and the hero. These guys still motivate and inspire many till today and action movies easily create such icons. Also, action films have been huge Box Office successes in the United States and I think they can equally do well here”, he said.

Actor Anthony Woode also admitted that though he appreciates all film genres, his favourite is the action movie genre. “My state of mind determines what genre of film I would love to watch. But, in comparison to love movies and action movies, I will always go for the action film, because you will still find an utter of Love in it. Unlike the one-liner humor, action films usually care about plot; they have beginnings, middles and ends. Mostly the ending provides a satisfying resolution”, he explained.

Finally, when asked whether he would love to fill the shoes of Ghana’s current action hero, he said, “I will gladly grab unto a lifetime brand as an action hero actor”.

By Jerry Wonder

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