Vodafone to Produce and Manage Websites at Ghc99 for Musicians in Ghana!

2 days ago at the maiden edition of the National Music Summit in Accra, the Sales Manager  – S.M.E and S.O.H.O  for Vodafone Ghana Chris Adusei, stated that Vodafone has rolled out a service for Musicians labelled ‘Your Business Online’. The service provides a unique design comprising information on the musician and up – to – date website management all year round at a highly reduced annual fee of Ghc 99. The initiative was in line some of the resolutions that were reached at the end of discussions at the National Music Summit; namely the urgent need to propel the Ghana music industry into a more lucrative era by adapting modern day technological advancements. 

The Sales Manager  – S.M.E and S.O.H.O  for Vodafone Ghana Chris Adusei, explained that though Social Media provided some form of publicity and information for a musician, a professional website brought added value and returns. “Amid these rapid and ongoing digital changes, it is very critical for music artistes and entrepreneurs to stay abreast of these fast – paced trends in the industry and cultivate a solid online presence. Having your own website might seem obsolete when you already have a social media presence and YouTube account. However, the selling power of having a website as a musician, shouldn’t be overlooked. A website will stand the test of time and give you permanent online presence. ‘Your Business Online’ by Vodafone allows you to build a personal brand and grow your presence online”, he explained.

The Sales Manager  – S.M.E and S.O.H.O for Vodafone Ghana Chris Adusei, added that ‘Your Business Online’ by Vodafone included other benefits which would have been separate costs to the musicians; if they were to look for website services elsewhere. “Vodafone website experts will design, build and maintain your online presence; tailoring it exactly how you want and helping you reach a much wider audience. Furthermore, ‘Your Business Online’ by Vodafone provides you with basic search engine optimization, email marketing, website analytics, and a personal website consultant among others. Starting from as low as Ghc 99 per year, you can get a one – page website developed and maintained for you by Vodafone to enhance your online presence. Just email us at vodafonebusiness.gh@vodafone.com to get started”, he said. 

The the Sales Manager  – S.M.E and S.O.H.O  for Vodafone Ghana Chris Adusei, cautioned that the music business globally was changing and it was therefore imperative to adapt for survival. “With the advent of social media and digitalization, the music industry will never be the same. The emergence of music streaming websites like Apple Music, Spotify and so many more, signals one thing; ‘Music Business’ has evolved, and if we are serious about growing our business potential in this arena, we must adapt, or die”, he said.

The news of a customized professional website brings a relief to the relative high cost of website development and management in Ghana by a dedicated professional outfit. ‘Your Business Online’ by Vodafone package cuts relatively huge charges from website companies, and also freelance website developers, who charge an average of Ghc 400 per annum. 

By Jerry Wonder 

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