Let’s Commercialize Our History Through Film ….. Says Actor Anthony Woode

Actor Anthony Woode stated that there is still a lot more to be gained financially from the film industry in Ghana. He highlighted historical films as an unexplored avenue and said that it could indeed give the Ghanaian economy a boost; as well as turn around the fortunes of the struggling film industry in Ghana. He was responding to a question about what the Ghana film industry needs to do to increase its monetary value and reach wider markets. He made this statement yesterday in Accra in an interview with Shine Publications.

Ghanaian Actor Anthony Woode has described Ghana as both lucky and rich with content for cinema. “Ghana is lucky to have real life heroes like Togbe tsali, Akomfo Anokye, Yaa Asantewaa and others. Imagine if the Ghanaian cinema picks up any of these heroes, makes films in relation to them and builds a franchise, can you picture how that could attract a lot of investors and attention to the Ghanaian cinema?”, he said.

Furthermore, Anthony Woode stated that focusing on some of these indigenous Ghanaian action figures, was a good bet for great financial returns. “Undoubtedly, action films have always been a part of cinema. In Hollywood, the hallmark for many of the filmmakers were made by analysing the commercial possibilities of these action films and exploring them for huge gains. The result was they dominated box office with major film franchises, including Schwarzenegger’s “Terminator”, Stallone’s “Rocky” and “Rambo”, and Bruce Willis “Die Hard”; and these are not even real life heroes, they are imaginary characters, yet they made an impact”, he said.

By Jerry Wonder

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