‘Tecno Phantom X’ Beats ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’ …….. Review

This may sound ridiculous or untrue to you but it is a fact that the new ‘TECNO Phantom X’ is better than the ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’. We have highlighted 4 very important areas that makes the new ‘Tecno Phantom X’ a better choice over the iphone 12 Pro Max’. These are: camera quality, memory, battery capacity and of course, cost!

Battery Capacity/ Power –
Every Ghanaian knows how important it is to have a smart phone with up – to – date features which also has the long lasting battery power of a ‘yam phone’ or in layman terms, a non – smart phone. With occasional and unpredictable electricity blackouts, power banks are now very much in vogue in Ghana and often seen clumsily held with one or two phones by a person. But, with the new ‘TECNO Phantom X’, there is no need for a power bank to be always by your side. This baby gives you 4700 mAh battery power which is more than the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s 3687 mAh. Even, previous editions of the TECNO phone namely, TECNO Spark 4, has more battery power than the iPhone 12 Pro Max (4000mAh).

Memory –
Secondly, you must know how annoying it is to be playing a game, or using an app, or performing a function on your phone when it suddenly freezes. Memory plays a big role in this! That’s why the ‘TECNO Phantom X’ has up to 2 gigabytes more memory than the iPhone 12 Pro Max; it has up to 8 gig RAM (Random Access Memory) while the iPhone 12 Pro Max can only boast of 6gig RAM. In short, the ‘TECNO Phantom X’ is as strong or even stronger than many modern laptops and can equally support many apps and high resolution games. There’s no doubt that the ‘TECNO Phantom X’ will give you smooth operations without having to restart your phone due to regular ‘freezing’.

Camera –
Africans have many occasions to attend. A popular survey stated that the average adult Ghanaian attends either a wedding or a funeral at least twice a month; not forgetting that many Ghanaians are very religious and therefore, do not miss their colourful Sundays or Salah celebrations. That’s why the new ‘TECNO Phantom X’ has 3 highquality cameras for your choice. It has the main rear camera at 50mp and a 48mp front camera including another 8mp camera. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a dual camera support but at 12mp maximum. Simply put, with the new ‘TECNO Phantom X’, you don’t need a photographer.

Finally, the area which a lot of Ghanaians should be looking at, especially in a hard hit economy by the global Coronavirus pandemic, is the cost of the phone. These days, one should be saving up money for times ahead and not spending on avoidable expenses. The ‘TECNO Phantom X’ which is equally luxurious as the iPhone 12 Pro Max, will be selling for less than Ghc 3000 at TECNO distributors and even lesser if pre – ordered. But, the iPhone 12 Pro Max sells for above Ghc 7000 and this has an extra Ghc 4000 plus which can be used as an investment for something else.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max jabs the ‘TECNO Phantom X’ a bit with some distinct features such as a screen resolution at 1284 X 2778 pixels which is higher than the ‘TECNO Phantom X’s 1080 X 2340 pixels. In addition to that, it is water resistant for up to 6 metres deep for 30 minutes and this is also absent in the ‘TECNO Phantom X’.

Despite their differences, they also share some similarities like the same screen display size 6.7 inches and anti – scratch body finishes.

In conclusion, the TECNO has indeed provided a better option to Ghanaians comparing the ‘TECNO Phantom X’ and the ‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’ phones.

By Jerry Wonder

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