Amanda Clinton Advises Ghanaian Youth on Having Babies Before Marriage

Ghanaian Lawyer Amanda Akuokor Clinton stated today in an online interview that the youth in Ghana should not be in a hurry to skip marriage before having children. In her own words, she described this as “waiting for the beauty of marriage”. She was making a statement regarding the wedding of her twin sister last week in Accra.

Lawyer Amanda Akuokor Clinton, being part of the reason for the wedding of her twin Sister, described marriage as a necessary step into starting a family. “I’m delighted about the nuptials of Bianca and Rex,… It was a beautiful ceremony and I would encourage more young Ghanaians to do what Bianca and Rex did; wait for the beauty of marriage before having children”, she explained.

Amanda’s statement can be considered as timely as data from the Ghana Health Service – District Health Information Management System (DHIMS) in June 2021, revealed that more than half a million teenagers are on record to have gotten pregnant over the last five years; this means between 2016 and 2020, about 555,575 teenagers aged 10 to 19 years, are said to have gotten pregnant. On the average, a little over 112,800 teenagers get pregnant annually.

Amanda Clinton is one of the very few women in Ghana who are inspiring the growth of more women leaders; especially in male dominated regions. Amanda was the first ever female to compete for the position of President of the Ghana Football Association. She is a lawyer and practices both in Ghana and in London.

By Jerry Wonder Sampson

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