“Let’s Stay Focused to Achieve Excellence”…. Actress Rabby Bray Says to Young Women

Ghanaian Actress Rabby Bray yesterday in Accra, advised a group of young women in Ghana to allow their goals of becoming independent, to influence their everyday decisions in order to achieve excellence. She explained that young ladies had the passion and the will to succeed, and all they needed was to be constantly reminded that the woman too can be successful in which ever endeavour she chooses; even male dominated fields. Her comment comes timely in Ghana as the discussion on youth empowerment has taken the centre table; even among government officials.

Actress Rabby Bray has strongly advised young women against waiting for that ‘Prince’ who would take away all their struggles. She said, success over poverty and true financial freedom, only comes by being focused on your goals. “Young women must be ready to walk down the tough road of becoming successful without begging to be pampered. We must understand that with great visions and goals comes hardwork and discipline. Today’s world does not recognize pity but persistence to achieve, neither does it celebrate failure, but the ability to stay focused in the face of challenges”, she said.

According to a research by the ‘District Health Information Management System’ (DHIMS), there has been a reduction of cases teenage pregnancies over the past five years in Ghana. The report cited a marginal reduction to 11.2 % in the overall figure of teenage pregnancies in the previous year. Actress Rabby Bray responded to this as a more reason for sensitization and education on women empowerment in order for Teenage Pregnancy to become a thing of the past. “There should be frequent reminders that the girl child has the potential to lead and achieve. This should be taught in schools from the very early stages as this will gradually erode the perception that the woman was made just for the kitchen and making babies”, she said.

Actress Rabby Bray is also the Sales Manager for real estate development company Devtraco Plus in Ghana and a motivational speaker. In April this year, she was awarded as the Most Innovative TV Producer by the Global Impact Awards in Abuja for her ‘all female’ reality television show ‘Rabby’s Starlet’. She was also the recipient of the Best Actress Award at the Kaduna International Film Festival in 2019.

By Jerry Wonder

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