Audience Complain About ‘No Pop Corn Rule’ at Silverbird Cinemas!

Many guests who visited the Silverbird Cinemas on Saturday 23rd October 2021, especially to see the premiere of the Ghanaian movie ‘Shemale’, complained about the refusal by Silverbird personnel to allow them entry to the movie halls with their bags of Pop Corn. According to a staff member on duty, this was in lone with a directive from the Ghana Tourism Authority (G.T.A) and not from Silverbird and therefore, could not be cancelled.

After the reopening of Cinemas, after the long shutdown due to the outbreak of the deadly Covid -19, certain measures were put in place by the Ghana Tourism Authority to ensure that audience are safe at all times and Covid -19 protocols are enforced. But, the no food and drinks rule in the cinemas doesn’t seem to be doing well with the public. “How can I watch a 2 hours movie with no pop corn? I mean … nothing to chew on, just arms crossed? … Boring! What stupid rule is this? Rubbish!”, a movie fan said.

Multiple signs at the Silverbird Cinemas clearly state that no food or drinks are to be taken into the movie halls, but this has been a traditional practice since the inception of the Silverbird Cinemas in Ghana. Also, another government own theatre, Snap Cinemas, is yet to put up a ‘no food and drinks’ sign or institute a ‘no pop corn rule’ at any of their movie premieres. This raises eye brows as to the reason for Silverbird Cinemas strict implementation of the ‘no pop corn rule’.

By Jerry Wonder

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