Rapper EL Talks About Silence, New Album, V.G.M.A, Azonto and More!

Award – winning Ghanaian Rapper ‘EL’ yesterday on a live Twitter chat with entertainment personality ‘KalyJay’, disclosed why he has not been so visible as usual in the media in Ghana. He stated that it was a personal choice he made as he believed that good music should rise above media hype and not vice versa. He also advised fellow Ghanaian musicians to promote ‘Azonto’ music as this was an original from Ghana. Other areas he spoke about were his feelings after being trolled on social media as not deserving of the ‘Vodafone Ghana Music Awards’ ‘Rapper of the Year’ award, his coming new album and an abandoned career in diplomacy. The conversation was part of a weekly entertainment series on Twitter by host ‘KalyJay’ to bring popular personalities closer to their fans.

Most celebrities in Ghana are often in front of the camera, but not ‘EL’. His laid back persona is unique and he explained why this is. “I’m really not a people’s person. Anytime I say that, people get confused and say, then why are you in the business of entertainment? But, what I mean is, I am a quiet person; I would say I am kind of a hermit. Even, when I am in Ghana, I don’t live in Accra; I live at the mountains, and when I am outside Ghana, I live at the quiet country side. I am really not a ‘gidigidi’ person. So, when me and my boys are rolling, we don’t do too much; we roll ‘low key’. Sometimes, I wish I could just release songs without even showing myself”, he explained.

Speaking on new music trends, Rapper ‘EL’ said Azonto’ should be highly supported; especially by Ghanaian musicians. “Afrobeats did not come from us; Azonto did. I would love to see a lot of support for ‘bring back Azonto’. The first time I went to the BBC, it was because of Azonto. So, we need to bring that back, sometimes, we joke with somethings”, he said.

When asked about the content of his new 15 track album to be released on November 6th this year, and why there was little promotional ‘noise’ on his part, he stated that it was based on personal reasons. ” I put a lot of local talents on it so that they can get some shine; and that’s why I didn’t feature any international artiste. My radar is always on because I am always looking for new talent to work with. As for promotions, for me it’s pretentious and dishonest. If the song is good, it will go. I just feel taking money out of my pocket to pay a Dj back to back is pretentious; especially even when the Dj doesn’t like the song, but has to play it because of the money. I feel I have reached the point where I don’t need to promote my songs and that’s where I have reached right now in my career. If you dig it, then go and find it”, he explained.

Finally, ‘EL’ described the period when he won the award for ‘Best Rapper’ at the ‘Vodafone Ghana Music Awards’ as a heart – breaking moment in his life as some people attacked him verbally as not deserving of the title. ” I was first chesting it like a man and then I broke down. I was just so hurt. It wasn’t true that I had gone to pay somebody for that award; it was just hard work. That was a big blow for me and since then I have always been very careful about the public”, he said.

‘EL’ is currently outside Ghana and promised to return soon to continue his work.

By Jerry Wonder

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