Ghana is a Fertile Ground for Body Building Talents … Says International Scout

During the ‘William Bonac Body Building Competition’ on Saturday 6th November 2021 at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra, Head Judge Leona B. described Ghana as rich in potentials for the body building sport. However, she advised Ghanaian body builders and potentials to pay more attention to the internal conditions of their bodies and not just the outward appearance in order to excel at the international stage.

After sitting on the judging panel for hours of recording scores and crossing out names, Madam Leona B. said in an exclusive interview with Shine Publications that, some of the talents on stage could go ‘Professional’. “Ghana is a very good scouting ground and I have been impressed with the quality of talents. But, most athletes have to work at their condition; that is the ‘definition’ in the muscles. I saw a good guy in the heavyweight category, but his condition was very bad; he was holding a lot of water in the muscles. However, I did enjoy myself and I saw a few athletes who really have the chance to get a ‘Pro Card’; especially the overall Winner for the ‘Men’s Physique’ Ralph Adjei. I really loved his appearance and everything about him”, she explained.

According to the Head Judge at the ‘William Bonac Body Building Competition’ on Saturday, the panel adhered to a strict but international criteria to select the winners. “It depends on which class you are in. For instance, for ‘Classic Physique’ the appearance must be a classic physique and not the body building physique. Then we look for symmetry, heart, muscles and small waist. Also, the presentation must be good. And, for body building, we are looking for muscles in very good conditions, of course, the contestant must be good looking as well with a perfect body symmetry, broadened shoulders and good hamstrings”, she explained.

The ‘William Bonac Body Building Competition’ is scheduled to come off every year in Ghana to help discover potential body builders from all over Africa. It was founded by international body building icon of Ghanaian origin William Bonac who placed second place at the annual ‘Mr Olympia’ in 2019 organized by the International Federation of Body Building and Fitness (IFBB).

By Jerry Wonder

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