Silverbird Cinemas Reinforces ‘Nose Mask’ Rule In Response to High Patronage on New Year’s Day

With the crave for cinemas gradually picking up after the indefinite closure due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the management of the Silverbird Cinemas refused to let their guard down; even with the ease of restrictions. 2022 New Year’s Day was marked with a relatively high patronage, and despite the crowd, one could hardly spot a person without a ‘nose mask’; even the celebrities present. According to a representative of the management of the Silverbird Cinemas at the Accra Mall, the ‘nose mask’ rule was part of their strict protocols and they were not compromising on it irrespective of one’s social status.

The Silverbird Cinemas has put in place a strong warning to attendants in response to the ongoing fight against the Coronavirus. With security guards holding hand spray sanitizers at the entrance, guests are required to go through the compulsory routine of washing and sanitizing before being allowed into the cinema hall. The Manager on duty described the initiative as a necessity. “I’m not taking any chances with this (Covid – 19) so, I made sure everyone is in their mask”, he said.

The Silverbird Cinemas is noted for crowded premieres as they showcase only the best of both Ghanaian and international movies. They are currently the only film showing centre in Ghana that operates everyday, hence the mass appeal.

By Jerry Wonder

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