Actors in ‘TERMINUS’ were Chosen Based on ‘Pure Talent’… Says Casting Director Mawuko Kuadzi

The man who was involved in discovering and projecting Actor Abraham Atta to the world stage Mawuko Kuadzi, has stated that actors who featured in the upcoming movie ‘Terminus’, were selected based on their talent and not necessarily popularity. He said the movie ‘Terminus’ which premieres on the 7th of January 2021 at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra, will thrill the audience and showcase sides of the cast that they haven’t seen before on screen. He said this in an exclusive phone interview with Shine Publications yesterday.

With steam already building up as the premiere for the action thriller ‘Terminus’ approaches, the Casting Director of the film Mawuko Kuadzi, has assured the public of an amazing performance by the actors in this movie as casting was never influenced by popular faces, but the ability to deliver satisfactorily based on the role. “Everybody in this movie auditioned for the role; we didn’t just choose actors. Also, it wasn’t about popularity, it was about talent . So, any actor you see in ‘Terminus’, is not your ‘regular actor’ you have seen in a different film”, he explained.

Mawuko Kuadzi added that, for the purpose of ensuring that the cast portrayed their characters exactly how they were developed, some of the cast were taken through 5 months of physical training amongst other preparations. “We had a target and we knew what we were looking for, and so we had to take them through rigorous training so we could get the best out of them; because, what they did in the movie is not their ‘regular role”, he explained.

Finally, Mawuko commended the Director for ‘Terminus’ Abu Iddris for good job done. “The Director
Abu Iddris did a fantastic job directing this film and I’m proud of him. He brought out the magic in this film. I think this will be a stepping stone for Ghana to produce good action films”, he said.

By Jerry Wonder

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