Action Movie ‘Terminus’ Premieres with Lots of Surprises!

The much anticipated Ghanaian action movie ‘Terminus’ finally premiered on Friday at the Silverbird Cinemas and thrilled many attendants. The movie did not fall shot of suspense and used the element of surprise to stir up excitement and hold audience to their seats. In an exclusive interview with Shine Publications at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra on Friday, Pioneer Actor Oscar Provencal, praised the movie as one of the best to come from Ghana in recent times.

The first actor to play the role of one of Ghana’s first ever action hero character ‘Inspector Bediako’ the legendary Oscar Provencal, described working on the set of the movie ‘Terminus’. “I have seen what has gone into this movie and I must say that in my career, even though I have played many different roles, in recent times, this is probably one of the best action movies ever made in this country”, he said.

The movie ‘Terminus’ is a tale of espionage, murder, power, greed, betrayal, family ties and more. It came with many surprises and characterization that are not the usual of the Ghanaian society. For example, the role of the President of Ghana in the movie was played by a woman. Also, there were some unexpected happenings in the movie that emanated a shocked response from the audience during the premiere such as the death of a character played by heart -throb Aaron Adatsi, the pairing of what was anticipated to be a great fight between the main villain played by actor Manaf Yussif and his once best friend played by ace actor Andrew Tandor – Adote, including a martial arts combat display between ace actor Adjetey Annang and actress Cecilia Anno -Banieh, among others. Finally, the ending of the movie creates the biggest surprise and leaves audience with anticipating the next installation in the sequel… ‘Terminus 2’ with a slogan ‘War is Coming’.

According to some of the production crew, some parts of part 2 of the movie have already been shot and so, the the public should anticipate more excitement.

By Jerry Wonder

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