Top 10 People Who Could Become Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture in the Near Future

This is a list of Ghanaian celebrities who could easily become Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture in Ghana soon. Each of them has a portfolio of extensive work relating to the development of the Tourism or Arts community in Ghana. Their achievements are above average and cannot be compared to the just about any big spender in this industry. Because, they have given not just resources, but time and their intellect to the establishment or the development of the arts or the promotion of domestic Tourism in Ghana and beyond. They are heroes and heroines in the making and have stood the test of time by being consistent in their fields of endeavour.

1 Bola Ray – Founder of ‘Ghana Meets Naija’, ‘Festival of Lights’ and ‘Empire Entertainment’. He is also the Chief Executive Officer for EiB Network.

2 Sadiq Abdulai Abu – Founder of ‘3Music Awards’, ‘3Music Channel and other events.

3 David Dontoh – Pioneer Ghanaian Actor, Chairman of the Board (National Film Authority) with vast experience in Film and Television.

4 Juliet Asante – Executive Secretary (National Film Authority), Founder of the Black Star Film Festival, veteran Actress, etc.

5 Rex Omar – Ace Ghanaian Highlife Musician, music advocate, etc.

6 Theresa Ayoade – C.E.O of Charter House – producers and franchise holders of Ghana Music Awards, Night of 1000 Laughs, Ghana Music Summit, part owners of the Grand Arena, etc.

7 Abeiku Santana – Founder of Kaya Tours, experienced media personality, ‘New Tourism’ Advocate, etc.

8 Boris Kudjo – Ghanaian – American Actor – promoter of Ghana in the U.S.A, assisted in attracting many American celebrities to Ghana during the year of return, etc.

9 Shirley Frimpong Manso – Film Producer, C.E.O of Sparrow Productions, Founder – Sparrow Station (online movie streaming platform), etc.

10 Inna Patty – Franchise holder of Miss Ghana Pageant, facilitated the visit of the owner of Miss World Pageant to Ghana a few years ago, etc.

Compiled by Shine Publications (11th January 2022)

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