V.G.M.A 2022: M.anifest, Omar Sterling, Sarkodie and EL Tipped for ‘Best Rapper’ Award!

After all four well established rappers each released applaudable rap albums last year, fans have been buzzing ever since about who had the best lyrical presentation. After an online survey by Shine Publications, some of the factors that influenced their opinion of the best lyrical presentation were word play, an appreciable amount of complexity in rhyming with intelligence, relevance of message, rhythmic rap style over the beat, etc. And, from the look of things, all four rappers have been praised for doing just that on their respective albums. Some social media comments by some fans give evidence to this.

After releasing the much anticipated album ‘No Pressure’, Rapper Sarkodie received praise for his rhyme patterns over a mixture of Hip Hop beats and alternative beats. Going head – to – head with South African rapper Cassper Nyovest on a track called ‘Married to the Game’, he was praised by some hip hop fans as worthy of listening to. “This is what I call rap. Dope!”, a fan wrote on Facebook.

Omar Sterling’s ‘Same Earth, Different Worlds’, actually ignited a fierce debate on Twitter after its release which has evolved into one question his fans are asking…’Who is better than Omar Sterling?’. His 20 track album is dominated by ‘down to earth’ but intelligent rap as he attempts to set the record straight on his rapper pedigree. On a track on the album called ‘I’m back’, he says ‘I fell out of Rap, I’m Back’ in it. Tell all your favorite rappers they’re all finished”. His fans have hailed this as the best rap album of the year 2021.

Rappers ‘EL’ and M.anifest each also released top lyrical works named ‘Bar 6’ and ‘M.T.T.U’ respectively. And as anticipated, both were also well received and did cause some excitement on social media; especially Twitter.

With the recent opening of nomination slots for works and musicians who produced musical materials in 2021, the debates have ignited again in some Whatsapp groups and on other social media platforms about who will be crowned the ‘Best Rapper’ in 2021. Some fans are hoping that the album factor should influence the decision of the academy as well as the voters because, there is no official rule that, to be crowned the ‘Best Rapper of the Year’, one must have released a rap album. Hence, the award ‘Best Rap Performance’.

By Jerry Wonder

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