Breaking News! Alleged Ritual Snake Causes Stir at Madina Zongo Junction!

Today, quite a huge crowd gathered in the afternoon at Madina Zongo Junction to witness what appeared to be a big snake in a bag. The bag was carried by a ‘Kayayo’ who said she was unaware of the content hence, her decision to drop the bag and open it which revealed the big snake and a lady’s underwear and brassiere. According to many spectators at the scene, the snake vomited 2 Dollar notes before rushing to hide in a small transformer and later came out around 11:25pm.

In the afternoon, a street ‘Kayayo’, after carrying a bag for someone who sought her service only for her to turn around, after crossing the road, to find out that the person was no where to be found.

According to her, the was something wiggling in the bag and so she decided to put the bag down and check. To her amazement, a big snake rushed out of the bag and hid in a near by transformer by a pole. People around testified to a brassiere and and ladies underwear found in the bag which contained the snake and suggested that it was probably a lady who had been turned into the Snake for ritual purpose.

Nearby residents and passersby said that the fire Service was called to try and flush out the snake. But, after spraying large amounts of water on the abandoned transformed where the snake was hiding, the team gave up as the Snake didn’t come out.

At around 11:25pm, the Snake finally came out and was captured by a group of boys, some of which bagged the snake and sped off on motorcycles. When Shine Publications, who was present at the scene, inquired who were the boys, the bystanders said they believed they were the owners of the bag pretending to go and rescue the alleged lady who was turned into the Snake for ritual purposes. “They say they are taking the Snake to change it”, one of the bystanders said.

By Jerry Wonder

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