Singing Not for Dollars! … Says South African Based Ghanaian Musician Richard Mireku

Ghanaian musician turned resident of South Africa Richard Akwasi Mireku, has responded to the question of what is his main motivation for doing music. The former ‘Kenkey Seller’ explained that his singing for Jesus Christ and the kingdom is not for money. He disclosed this in an exclusive interview with shine Publications via phone.

Musician Richard Mireku’ described music as an inward calling for him. Hence, stated that his motivations weren’t material. “And to answer your second question, I do this genre of music because that’s the only time my soul feels alive. Respectfully speaking, it’s not about which pays more for me. Motivations for doing music are my past and my current state. These motivate me everyday because now, I know the God I serve and what he has in stock for me”, he explained.

From selling drinking water on the streets to his present state, Richard Mireku said he never thought he could reach this enviable height. “I never dreamt of reaching this far in life. Looking back and now, knowing where my God is taking me, is motivation enough to give him the glory and praise using my music”, he said.

His first single titled ‘Adanse’ (Testimony), which was released on 26th January this year, speaks on his own life’s journey and how God has lifted him from grass to grace. His latest single is now available on all digital platforms.

Richard Mireku was born in Tuobodom in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. He found his passion for music at age 7 by singing in church when he became born again.

Currently, he resides in Pretoria in South Africa, where he manages his own restaurant with a couple of employees.

By Jerry Wonder

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