3Music Awards is Ghana’s Biggest Single Music Activation … Says Founder

The Founder of ‘3Music Awards’ Sadiq Abdulai, has described the initiative as the biggest single activation for music in Ghana; as this year’s edition marks 5 years of the annual event. Making a statement on Friday at the launch of the event in Accra, he said 3Music Awards was the ultimate event which encompassed all the necessary elements that support the creation of the needed impact in the music industry. He said this year’s event will not just celebrate music, but also elevate the industry. Sadiq Abdulai was appreciating how far the scheme had come and emphasizing the need for Ghanaians to rally behind the initiative.

The Founder of the ‘3Music Awards’ Sadiq Abdulai described the ongoing journey of the event as a milestone achievement. “I’m sure you would agree with me that 3Music Awards has grown to become more than just celebrating music. Infact, it’s become that biggest single activation that brings all the elements which come together to enable the music; most importantly, help us to celebrate and create the much needed impact in the industry”, he explained.

He added that this year’s edition would take the purpose of the scheme a step further. “… Just like we did last year, we will be here for the music. But, this time around, we are going to represent something that is more than music; but, most importantly, here to celebrate and elevate the industry…”, he explained.

Furthermore, Sadiq Abdulai shed some optimism on future activities of the 3Music Awards with regards to Covid- 19. “For the past 2 years, we have had innovative ‘Covid Shows’ which were obviously necessitated by the situation then. But, we are returning to the interesting life … We can’t wait. We have a lot of exciting ideas and plans, and so look out for all the activities at this years 3Music Awards”, he said.

Finally, the Founder of the 3Music Awards Sadiq Abdulai encouraged the public to take advantage of some of the unique programmes of the event to build their skills set and enrich their knowledge bank; as well as enjoy the growing excitement from the Ghanaian music industry. “Look out for the industrial development programme as announced by the Managing Director of HD Plus Ghana… Also look out for the ‘Women’s Brunch’ which is our social impact activity which seeks to elevate the conversation regarding the challenges women face in the industry. Also, the ‘Fan Festival’. That’s a huge one…”, he said.

The main ceremony for this year’s 3Music Awards is scheduled for the 26th of March 2022 in Accra, Ghana.

By Jerry Wonder

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