3Music Tv to Commence New and Exciting Programming … Says Management

Only a few months old, 3Music Tv has managed to catch the attention of the entertainment community in Ghana with it’s relatively exciting content. The channel which focuses on music, is a new but promising addition to the entertainment television bouquet. On Friday at the launch of the 3Music Awards, the Head of 3Media Network which is the parent company of the television station, stated that the the station will be rolling out new and exciting Programming very soon and therefore, asked the public to anticipate more.

The Head of 3Media Network Sadiq Abdulai said that the new programming will reinforce the the purpose of 3Music Tv. “I’m sure the last few months, beyond what we did last year at the 3Music Awards, you may have noticed the launch of the 3Music Tv; which was launched especially to be able to continue to impact and enable the space… In the next few months, we are going to launch some new and exciting programming to amplify what we do…”, he said.

3Music Tv started operations on the 1st of August 2021 as a digital free to air channel. The channel takes viewers into the lively world of entertainment with a mixture of local and foreign music videos; as well as original productions and coverages of some of live music concerts in Ghana.

By Jerry Wonder

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