4th National Women’s Summit to Focus on ‘Gender Stereotypes’ and Good Health

 As part of celebrating International Women’s Day in Ghana, the National Women’s Summit will be highlighting the disadvantages of gender stereotypes against women; as well as looking at practical ways to promote good health as a catalyst to success and living a happier life. The National Women’s Summit is an event organized every year in Ghana to celebrate women’s achievements and raise awareness about women’s equality. According to the organizing company ‘Charterhouse Ghana’, this year’s event will set the tone for a more practical conversation on ways to eliminate discrimination against women through gender stereotypes. This year marks the 4th edition and is scheduled for Tuesday 8th of March 2022 from 9am to 4pm at the Grand Arena in Accra.

A press statement released yesterday by the organizing company of the annual National Women’s Summit ‘Charterhouse Ghana’, described the themes for this year’s event as very relevant to womanhood. “The is a clarion call to society at large to break biases and stop gender stereotyping women. The sub-theme ‘You Deserve a Life of Goodness’ is a call for women to aspire for a ‘Life of Goodness’ in their daily pursuits, by paying attention to their wellbeing, because they need to be well in body, mind and spirit to be able to fully take a seat at the table (of achievers and self actualized persons)”, the statement read.

The Summit will be held in 2 main sessions under two themes: ‘Break the Bias’ and ‘You Deserve a Life of Goodness’. The first session of the panel discussions will be on the theme ‘Break the Bias’. It will be held by an eclectic mix of women from different professions, who will discuss what ‘Bias’ is, share their personal experiences on the subject, including how they rose above that to achieve their personal dreams and successes. Ultimately, the discussion will focus on how both individuals and the society can make efforts to break the biases against females.

The second session will be on Wellness under the theme “You Deserve a Life of Goodness”. This will be presented by cooking oil producing company ‘Frytol’ and other wellness professionals. The second round of discussions will be centred on healthy eating, physical and mental health, and how all these lead to living a life of goodness.

The 4th National Women’s Summit will be aired live on local radio station Joy Fm from 10am – 12noon, and streamed on Facebook @frytolghana, and on Youtube @charterhouselive

This year’s edition of the National Women’s Summit is sponsored by Frytol, supported by ‘She Leads’, and produced by Charterhouse in collaboration with Joy Fm.

By Public Relations Team – Charterhouse

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