4th National Women’s Summit Highlights the Need for ‘Gender Equality’ and ‘Healthy Living’ Among Women

In celebration of ‘International Women’s Day’ in honor of women around the world, leading event’s company ‘Charterhouse’, in partnership with cooking oil brand ‘Frytol’, yesterday 8th March 2022 at the Grand Arena in Accra, successfully hosted the 4th edition of its annual National Women’s Summit. The Chief Executive Officer of Charterhouse Theresa Ayoade, said that this year’s summit had a more down to earth and domestic approach to dealing with the issue of ‘Gender Bias’. Other speakers reinforced the need for women to stay healthy while fulfilling their duties and striving to achieve their goals.

Theresa Ayoade, convener of the summit and C.E.O of Charterhouse, asked the audience and the public to get involved in the fight against ‘Gender Bias’. “I believe each year we make more progress towards gender parity. This year’s theme is so apt right now because it challenges each of us here to be intentional about breaking biases towards women. Right from our homes and how we socialize our male and female children. What are the things we say to them and how do our culturally and socially accepted gender roles continue to perpetuate these biases against our gender?”, she said.

She added that many have been encouraging ‘Gender Bias’ without actually knowing it. she said that she too had been guilty of promoting ‘Gender Bias’ unconsciously at a point in time. ‘I have been guilty of gender bias and I was called out by my daughter. Then I realised that I was unconsciously exhibiting biases out of probably my upbringing”, she admitted.

Finally drawing the curtains on her submission on ‘Breaking the Bias’, Theresa Ayoade emphasized on the main purpose of the annual National Women’s Summit. “How do we sow seeds now so there’s a pipeline for the next Women Leaders? This is what the National Women’s Summit is about”, she said.

As part of the summit, panel discussions were held on two themes namely; ‘Break the Bias’ and ‘You Deserve a Life of Goodness’. Adding to the discussion on living a fulfilled life of goodness as a woman, the Marketing Director of ‘Wilmar Africa’ producers of ‘Frytol’ cooking oil Patience Ofori Mpereh, said “Every woman has a desire to manage and balance everything; family, profession, raising children and others; including living her life to the fullest. This I believe most of us here can relate to. As we juggle all activities as wives, single women, mothers, or professionals, we ought to remember that our mental, physical and financial framework among many others need to be sound”.

Also present at the event was keynote speaker Mrs. Abiola Bawuah. She is the Regional C.E.O, West Africa for United Bank of Africa (U.B.A) Group. She oversees the group’s business in nine countries. She joined U.B.A Ghana in 2013 as Deputy Managing Director and was elevated to serve as the M.D/C.E.O of U.B.A Ghana in 2014. She was appointed in 2018 as Regional C.E.O West Africa for U.B.A Group. She touched on the constant need to give the girl child a chance to do and be more.

The panelists included some of the most experienced business leaders in Ghana who were invited to also share their stories and expertise. Some of them were Dr. Mabel Banson, first female Neurosurgeon in Ghana. Theresa Yamson, C.E.O – Riker (GIHOC) Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Anna Nabere – Manager SHE LEADS project by Plan International, Mrs. Helena Adu-Gyamfi – Managing partner of Perfect Personal Care and Renee Opare-Otoo; a registered and licensed dietitian with over five years experience and consults as a nutritionist for the Ghana Football Association, among others.

The 4th National Women’s Summit was sponsored by Frytol and supported by SHE LEADS by Plan International and produced by Charterhouse in collaboration with Joy Fm.

By Charterhouse Public Relations Team

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