Actress Gloria Sarfo Speaks About Starring in New Drama Series ‘Eno’ and More!

Ghanaian Actress Gloria Osei Sarfo has described starring in the first-ever Original series in Ghana for streaming service ‘Showmax’ called ‘Eno’ as a dream come true. She said the story of the new drama series ‘Eno’, is not alien to the Ghanaian community. Therefore, she is expecting Ghanaians and other Africans, to be influenced for the better after watching the drama series. She stated this in an online interview with Showmax officials some days ago.

Speaking about her role in the new drama series ‘ENO’, Actress Gloria Sarfo said this was one of the unforgettable moments in her career. “Getting this opportunity was a high moment for me. The feeling is just unexplainable. It is very fulfilling to be part of the first Showmax Original in Ghana. I literally feel like a history-maker. So, I accepted it with my all and applied all the skills and practice I’d acquired over the years. In fact, I enjoyed playing every single scene of the Abena Baafi role. But rather struggled to understand most of her decisions, actions and inactions,” she said.

Actress Gloria Sarfo stated that her character in the series ‘Abena Baafi’, required a more down to earth approach in order for her to accurately play the role. “Well, first of all, I had waited for a role like Abena Baafi for a very long time. I realised that the role required a mature mind and attitude, and so simply put, I had to “become” a mother and live the character. Also, I think Abena Baafi is a strong-willed woman who wants nothing but the best for her daughters. But mostly, she makes certain drastic decisions blindly due to her past experience. Above all, I think Abena is an example of a good, God-fearing, caring mother with a little bit of selfishness”, she said.

Furthermore, Actress Gloria Sarfo said that ‘ENO’ series is unique but with a practical story that both Ghanaians and other Africans can relate too and therefore, should be able to impact the African audience positively. “The story is simply unique and everyone can relate to it. So, I’m expecting Ghanaians and the entire continent to watch ‘ENO’ and change their narrative about family, relationships and lifestyle accordingly. And above all, have a beautiful viewing experience with ‘ENO’ and Showmax”, she said.

Gloria Sarfo’s character ‘Abena Baafi’ is no ordinary mother. She’s looking to marry off her three daughters to the highest bidder, and she has no qualms about parading them, literally, in front of rich suitors. But, Abena’s actions and theatrics are much more layered than meets the eye. She’s a mother passing down her trauma from her failed marriage to her children.

‘ENO’ aires on Showmax, with new episodes every Thursday. ‘ENO’ was produced by acr Ghanaian filmmaker Shirley Frimpong Manso of Sparrow Studios.

By Jerry Wonder

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