EXCLUSIVE! Actor Anthony Woode Opens Up About His Lead Role in Action TV Series ‘Inspector Bediako’

Actor Anthony Woode has stated that filling the shoes of popular Ghanaian television character ‘Inspector Bediako’ makes him feel like a hero. He also described his experience as Ghana’s most popular fictional police officer, as far from the usual; and even to some extent demanding. He revealed this in an exclusive online interview with Shine Publications some days ago.

Eulogizing the legend of ‘Inspector Bediako’, Actor Anthony Woode said playing such a character could only turn one into a ‘Hero’ as well. “Well over 3 decades ‘Inspector Bediako’ has been a tv show that made waves and stole a lot of hearts.He solved crime cases in a smart and intelligent way; he sure was a “Hero” in our community and film industry. If comparing ‘Inspector Bediako’ to other super hero’s in our Hollywood films, I will say, ‘Inspector Bediako” is our Hero. So, it’s possible to say I am too”, he explained.

For a young Actor, Anything Woode said that bringing back to life a well known and admired character such as ‘Inspector Bediako’, was not an easy task. “The experience has been different compared to other films I have acted in. The characterization and mannerisms are unique. ‘Inspector Bediako’ is more of the smart talker, thinker, and also an intelligent one; though once in a while, he exhibits some youthful exuberance by using force to get cases solved when necessary. So, it’s been challenging stepping into the shoes of a legend. One loved by all, the criticism and comparison is hard, but regardless, I sure get the job done by the Grace of God”, he said.

‘Inspector Bediako’ was a Farmhouse production for DSTV Ghana by Fire Tore and Ivan Quarshiegah. Other members of the cast included Brain Angels, Darlyn Adu, Comedian Kalybos, Vincent Macorly and the former fave of ‘Inspector Bediako’ series Oscar Provencal.

‘Inspector Bediako’ was a Ghanaian popular television series in the 90’s and to some extent, was classified as the standard of investigative crime series in Ghana.

By Jerry Wonder

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