Actress Yvonne Nelson Made Ghc 600,000 with Her Latest Movie! … Silverbird Cinemas Reveals!

Following a call made yesterday at an event organized by the National Film Authority in Accra, for the need for verifiable data from sales or revenue generated from films in Ghana as an incentive to potential investors, the Business Manager of Silverbird Cinemas Nana Yaw Twum – Barimah Yeboah, revealed that popular Actress Yvonne Nelson has so far made a staggering Ghc 600,000 from her latest movie ‘ The Men That We Love’ since the movie’s premiere on 14th February 2022. He added that the figure is still growing as the movie continues showing in cinemas.

The Business Manager of Silverbird Cinemas Nana Yaw Twum – Barimah Yeboah, has admonished film producers in Ghana to be more serious with their profession. He stated that this was crucial to the success of their movies at the cinemas and the growth of the industry as a whole.

At yesterday’s event at Marriott Hotel in Accra, he lamented about certain practices of many Ghanaian producers that were major turn offs and detrimental to the film business. “Unfortunately, these Film Producers are not keen on disclosing the figures they made… Personally, I think it’s a Ghanaian thing. Also, a cultural thing, and maybe because they have to pay taxes and also, because the may not want the investor to know what they made on the investment. It’s dishonesty”, he said.

Nana Yaw Twum – Barimah Yeboah also ridiculed pettiness among some Ghanaian filmmakers as a bad habit of a professional. “Imagine, a week to a movie premiere, a Film Producer is telling you that he or she can’t give you a synopsis because someone might steal his or her movie. That’s ridiculous”, he said.

Finally, Nana Yaw Twum – Barimah stated that for a movie to be very successful at the cinemas, it involves the commitment of both parties: the Filmmaker and the management of the Cinema; not only the cinema. “Right after the movie premiere, they go ‘back to sleep’. Cinemas make their money from comebacks or return visits by the public”, he explained.

The Silverbird Cinemas is currently the only cinema provided with weekly showings in Ghana. There are two main branches with multiple plush theatres located at the West Hills Mall at Weija and also at the Accra Mall close to the Team Motorway.

Actress Yvonne Nelson’s movie drew an unprecedented crowd during it’s first day of release. The movie also featured popular names such as popular Actor Majid Michel, James Gardiner, Angela Bamford, and others.

By Jerry Wonder

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