Viewing Habits are Changing So Advertisers Must Adapt … Filmmaker Ivan Quarshiegah

Celebrated Ghanaian Filmmaker Ivan Quarshiegah, has added his voice to the call for more individuals and companies to adapt to the everchanging world of advertising which has been revolutionized by technology. He said there we smarter marketing avenues to be explored and more to be gained using today’s technology. He made this statement yesterday at the National Film Authority’s meeting with Corporate Bodies at Marriott Hotel in Accra.

Addressing the audience at the event in Accra, Ivan Quarshiegah stated that considering the current competitive advertising space in Ghana, it was not enough to advertise on Television. “… You also need people to see your brand, and the source of the eyeballs are fast changing. Now, we have the power of the ‘remote control’… Now, we have so much choice that we can even choose to delay, pause of fast forward (a tv show) ; and even choose from so many television stations etc. This means that, there are so many alternative avenues for people to pay attention too, thereby, missing your advert placement during breaks on Television. Therefore, it is now becoming more difficult to find your audience in a particular viewing environment”, he explained.

Amid the complaints about the reluctance of Ghanaian corporate bodies to sponsor or advertise in new film projects, Filmmaker Ivan Quarshiegah was still optimistic about the future of film in Ghana. “It’s always very difficult for a new project which they (sponsors) do not know about, to get their support. I think after this conference, things should be changing for us”, he said.

Ivan Quarshiegah is the Founder of FarmHouse Productions, and the FarmHouse film streaming app. He is also the producer of popular Ghanaian TV series ‘Yolo’ and new social media series ‘Stryke’.

By Jerry Wonder

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