Celebrity Costumier Gifty Mawuena Sossavi Recounts Years of Service on 40th Birthday Anniversary

16 years and counting in the Ghana Film Industry with nominations at the Ghana Movie Awards, is what celebrity Costumier Gifty Mawuena Sossavi is grateful for. The professional Costumier and Makeup artist described her journey so far as a ‘rough start’ but, with good advice from colleagues, has become a career worthy of emulation. She said this in an exclusive online interview with Shine Publications over the weekend.

Gifty Mawuena Sossavi was very explicit about her transition from a passionate film lover into a professional. “I joined the film Industry in 2006 as an actress, I ended up working behind the scenes after several attempts to be on screen. I started as a ‘production assistant’, then I moved to ‘special effects makeup’, then to ‘property master’, and then to ‘welfare’ which is in other words ‘catering and craft’, and then to ‘casting’, and ‘costuming’, and finally to ‘Associate Producer’ and ‘Producer’. Simply put, It wasn’t so straight forward for me, but thanks to Prince Kojo Hilton and Solomon Fixon Owoo, they advised me and pushed me into Costume Designing”, she said

Gifty Mawuena Sossavi remained humble and optimistic for the future in her response. “So far I’m grateful to God for how far I have come. I’m really proud of my self. I believe I’m not there yet but, by the Grace of God, today, I’m recognized as a passionate filmmaker globally”, she said.

Finally, when asked what she would want to be changed if she had the power, she highlighted the issues of royalties for film crew as her top priority. “It has always been my prayer and my advocacy that film crew in Ghana should be given royalties on each film project they work on. Giving the film Crew Royalties, apart from the wages we get, will go a long way in the industry as a whole because, most ‘film crew’ will be able to afford a lot of things such as their own equipment, and then they can partner other filmmakers to produce and even, market their own movies”, she explained.

In 2018, Gifty Mawuena Sossavi received double nominations at the Ghana movie Awards. She recently worked on a film project for Popular Actress Yvonne Nelson which was released in February.

Gifty remains one of the most sought after Costumier in the Ghana film community.

By Jerry Wonder

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