U.S. Embassy Warns the Public of ‘Study Abroad’ and Exchange Programme Scams!

Today, the Embassy of the United States of America in Ghana, has put out a brief statement on social media platform ‘Twitter’ cautioning the public about educational and exchange travel programmes portrayed as from the American Government, which require deposits or part payment of money as a necessary requisite of the travel process. The statement described such transactions as scams.

The United States Embassy was very clear on the matter. “Official U.S. Government educational & exchange opportunities DO NOT require a payment or down payment to apply. Don’t be scammed. Get information directly from https://t.co/ysAq6uBw56 https://t.co/W94pmzBmdp”, the statement read.

Many students wanting to further their education abroad have reported cases of delayed or unfulfilled promises from travel agents after paying a significant amount of money to them. According to some of the students, these so called agents justify their request for an advance payment with the excuse of such monies being used as processing fees.

By Jerry Wonder

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