Actress Cecilia Anno – Barnieh Creates and Performs Her Own Stunts!

Her slender physique and strong screen presence might catch you off guard for a focused teenager on a mission. But, this proud mother of 2, is currently filling the shoes of Ghana’s first ever cinematic ‘Femme Fatal’. As her name gradually rises in the current action movie genre which seems to be catching the attention of many Ghanaians, Actress Cecilia Anno – Barnieh is not just beautiful, but also performs her own action stunts. She disclosed this to Shine Publications a few days ago in an online interview.

Actress Cecilia Anno – Barnieh responded to the idea of becoming a Ghanaian action figure saying she would be delighted but, it would still require a lot of work to maintain such an image. “Wow this would be amazing. I have worked hard for it, so to be recognized for this effort would be great. However, training for such a role is not easy. It’s both mentally and physically transforming yourself into your character. I have even gone as far as performing my own stunts sometimes in movies”, she said.

Actress Cecilia Anno – Barnieh disclosed that she also draws inspiration from some international Actors and seeks to make versatility her hallmark in Ghanaian cinema. “My favourites In Hollywood would definitely be Halle Berry; I especially love her new movie ‘Bruised’. She has always been my favourite . Her transformations are amazing and very inspiring to me as an artiste. She can be sweet and then she can be the fighter, and I believe this is what I am bringing to the industry”, she said.

The young actress stars in a new movie called ‘Drops of Happiness’ which premieres on 30th April 2022 at Silverbird Cinemas. Early this year, she started in action movie ‘Terminus’ as a member of an assassin group.

By Jerry Wonder

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