Mimi Adani Michaels Celebrates Motherhood with Birth of First Child ‘Marvella Z. Dzikunu – Michaels’.

The Chief Operating Officer of NMJ Ghana and Executive Director of ‘Golden Movie Awards Africa’ Mimi Adani Michaels, has celebrated the birth of her first child with photos and emotional comments on social media a few days ago. Born in early March this year, he daughter Marvella Z. Dzikunu – Michaels, has been glued to her mother and refused any other substitute. This was displayed in a video she posted on social media. Mimi Adani Michaels stated that God had finally answered her prayers after going through a series of heartbreaks and disappointments; including miscarriages.

Mimi Adani Michaels has described the birth of her first child as a perfect gift from God and used the occasion to motivate other women to be patient for God’s perfect timing. “Weeks ago, our rainbow baby Marvella was born. And, I am here to celebrate God’s mercies, favour and grace upon my life. After two miscarriages and one chemical pregnancy amid anxiety, panic attacks and depression, God has finally done it in his own time. After everything that has happened, I understand why he chose now. Indeed, in his time, he makes all things beautiful. It might delay, bit it is definitely not denial. If he did it for me, yours will be absolutely a walk in the park”, she wrote.

The news and celebration of Mimi Adani Michaels’ new baby, has been well received by colleagues in the film industry; as well as members of the public. Numerous congratulatory messages have been shared on social media from top celebrities namely Singer Adina Thembi, Television Personality Nana Ama MacBrown, Actress Nikki Samonas, Actor Peter Ritchie, Franchise Holder of Miss Ghana Pageant Inna Patty, amongst others. Also, a personal blog on Instagram has been created for the baby called ‘Raising Marvella’ and is almost at 2000 followers.

Mimi Adani Michaels is one of the few successful women leaders in the arts and entertainment industry
in Ghana with a string of awards to her achievements. She has championed the celebration of films across the African continent through an awards scheme she co – manages called the ‘ Golden Movie Awards Africa’.

By Jerry Wonder

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