Roselyn Ngissah Wows Audience with Impressive Performance in ‘God is African’ Movie!

Good Friday is a day on the Christian calendar for mourning the death of the Messiah Jesus Christ. However, despite being a supposedly sad day, Actress Roselyn Ngissah helped light up hearts with a message of hope through the dramatic movie ‘God is African’ yesterday at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra. Her character in the movie, Ama, had strong words of encouragement to many, and her credible depiction of a woman refusing to give up, even in the face of continuous challenges and public ridicule. Her performance was applauded by many of the viewers; some of whom even shed tears during the premiere.

An ironic response to a situation of multiple miscarriages by Actress Roselyn Ngissah’s character ‘Ama’ in the movie ‘God is African’, showed the faith of a woman in God and desperate for a child. Despite very serious medical complications with her womb and an advice to remove the womb or risk her life, she hang on to the phrase, “I nursed a King in this Room”. Referring to a nursery she made in a room at her home as she awaited the arrival of  her unborn child.

Actress Roselyn Ngissah brings this character to life with a very credible performance not void of relatable Ghanaian gestures in the process. Her good mood switch from being a devoted and prayerful christian to a unbeliever, and then back to a reinforced rigid christian is worth seeing.

Some of the guests at the event said they could relate to Roselyn’s character and the story. Some even said, it was as if the story was talking directly to them. A woman broke down in tears after at a neat by restaurant inside the Accra Mall close to the Silverbird Cinemas after seeing the movie. A video o social media captured by social media publicist ‘Dagaati Girl’s shows the woman crying.

The movie ‘God is African’ illustrates the story of a woman who has been denied the joy of motherhood by several failed births, and as a result, begins to question and blame God simultaneously for her current predicament. She begins challenging her Christian faith and the words in the Bible as contradictory to her belief in benefits of being a Christian and the limitless power of God. 

The story of ‘God is African’ was written and Directed by Pascal Amanfo, and Produced by Timothy Bentum and Pascal Amanfo.

By Jerry Wonder

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