Pascal Amanfo Disagrees with Pan – African Tag of His Movie ‘God is African’

Celebrated Filmmaker Pascal Amanfo, in an interview with Shine Publications on Saturday at the premiere of his new movie ‘God is African’, stated that the movie was not created with a Pan – African ideology or belief. He explained that elements in the movie that suggested otherwise, were rather interpretations of some of the characters perspective on their encounter with God. He was responding to a question on the motivation for highlighting Africa as a the starting point for a global religious and spiritual revolution.

Film Director and Producer Pascal Amanfo stated that being African or not was far from the main purpose of the movie. “That was the character’s perspective. I like to see the movie through the character’s perspective. The woman (the character) was describing her encounter with God through an African (pastor/ christian). Even though there have been many arguments about whether Jesus was black or white, that is not the main issue. The main issue is who God is; ethnicity or race doesn’t change who he is”, he explained.

The movie ‘God Is African’ pulled a significant number of people to the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra on Saturday. There were positive comments from many who attended; as well as tears of inspiration.

The movie tells the story of a woman tormented by many failed pregnancies but, refuses to give up hope as she relies on God for a miracle. A few lines from the movie summaries the story. “Sometimes, the Miracle is in the ridicule. 10 years of marriage and 6 still births. If your faith says yes, God cannot say no”.

‘God Is African’ was written (screenplay) by Bless Fortune, Gloria Ampofo and Pascal Amanfo, and produced by Timothy Bentum & Pascal Amanfo. Story by Pascal Amanfo.

By Jerry Wonder

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