Actress Rabby Bray Gifts Mothers On Mother’s Day

Actress Rabby Bray (Right) presenting a hamper to a mother at Silverbird Cinemas in Accra

Actress and Film Producer Rabby Bray over the weekend, surprised some families who turned up to watch her new movie ‘Drops of Happiness’ at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra. The Actress presented gifts to guests who came with their mothers to watch the movie ‘Drops of Happiness’ that day. Rabby Bray said the initiative was a way of appreciating mothers and encouraging families to spend some leisure time with their mothers. She stated this in a brief interview in Accra.

Explaining the importance of including mothers in fun filled activities, Actress Rabby Bray described it as a necessity. “Periodically, we need to take our moms out and make them happy. After all the hard work of parenting and keeping the house together, there is an undeniable emotional, psychological and physical stress placed on them. Therefore, taking them out to have fun is a way of relaxing their minds and rekindling that youthful excitement and energy in them. This can go along way to improving their health and therefore, must be encouraged”, she explained.

The Actress gave out hampers containing food items, sweets and drinkables to families or individuals who were in the company of their mother at her movie showing inside the Silverbird Cinemas.

There were many appreciation messages from the recipients.

By Jerry Wonder

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