Qweci Announces New Song with Wiyaala for 25th May and New E.D.M Album!

R&B music 90’s hitmaker Qweci also known as ‘Ded Buddy’, revealed to Shine Publications in an exclusive interview a few days ago in Accra, that he has worked on a song with musician ‘Wiyaala’ and would be released on the 25th of May this year. He added that he had a brand new album due this year which was entirely Electronic Dance Music. This singer said both the single with Wiyaala and the E.D.M album would make both Ghana and Africa proud.

Musician Qweci didn’t want to disclose so much detail about the song with Wiyaala, but described it as worthy of praise. “I have a single coming out with one of my amazing sisters , Wiyaala. It’s a sole project on its own and so, it won’t be on the album. Wiyaala is really amazing. But, I don’t want to talk much about the song, so all I can say is that, Africa will be proud of us”, he said.

Qweci also said that the song was created by both himself and Wiyaala and would be available globally on as many music digital stores as possible. “This single is definitely coming out 25th of May on all digital platforms. This is a song I feel Africa should take on and make an anthem for all Africa. This song was not a collaboration, we did it together, so, it’s Wiyaala and Qweci”, he explained.

Explaining his new found love for Electric Dance Music and his yet to be released E.D.M album, Qweci added that he hasn’t abandoned R&B music, and E.D.M. is still a type of music for everyone; just like R&B. “…I do R&B, but I do more of Electronic Dance Music (E.D.M) because I am affiliated to a global music label and that’s something (E.D.M) we are working on. So, I have an album coming out which is all E.D.M… it’s for everybody, even though it’s a totally different sound. We are going to drop it at the latter part of the year, also, I have a couple of singles coming before that”, he said.

Finally, Singer Qweci explained that Ghanaians can also explore Electric Dance Music and still maintain the Ghanaian culture and authenticity. He gave an example of his recent work ‘Wole NoKo’ featuring fellow Ghanaian musician ‘One Luv the Kubolor’. “… Amazingly, Kubolor and I got together and we did the song ‘Wole Noko’. So, when you hear it, he is speaking the ‘Ga’ language and I am also speaking ‘Ga’, but the entire track is Electronic Dance Music; and this is rare in Ghana but, it’s out there”, he explained.

By Jerry Wonder

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