Mark Okraku Mantey Advises Against Egocentricity in the Arts at National Music Summit 2022

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Hon. Mark Okraku Mantey, cautioned stakeholders about the dangers of egocentricity in the Arts and Entertainment industry in Ghana. He described it as a way of preventing the industry from growing and becoming fruitful. He said this when delivering a speech on the status quo of the government’s assessment and plans for the Arts and Culture industry in Ghana at the second National Music Summit in Accra on Tuesday 21st June 2022.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Hon. Mark Okraku Mantey, described the issue of egocentricity as a bad lifestyle which is predominant among the film and music industry in Ghana. Nevertheless, he admonished industry players to work on fixing this bad habit. “It is a cultural problem between the music and film people; it is an egocentric environment. And, that’s why I mentioned culture because, we must work in the culture. Therefore, the industry must fix it’s culture. This thing (habit) of saying that, ‘If it’s not me, I will fight till I destroy it or it must be me’, we must fix it; as simple as that”, he said.

Also, the Deputy Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture Hon. Mark Okraku Mantey, said he was confused at the irony of events in some areas in the Arts and Entertainment Industry. He mentioned the numerous court cases arising out of internal elections among many arts related associations and questioned their ability to fund such legal battles; especially after claiming to be a financially struggling industry. “We are quick to go to court. Personally, I don’t know how they get the money to go to court? Because, these are the same people complaining that they don’t have enough money and royalties are too small”, he said.

The Deputy Minister’s comments come as timely as notable associations in the Arts industry namely Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), amongst others, are currently in court over internal disputes.

Furthermore, Hon. Mark Okraku Mantey called on stakeholders of the music industry in Ghana to see collaboration as the way of succeeding in the music business. “You can never survive as a performer (musician) without the other people in the ecosystem. We need each other’s so build that team spirit. Because, in every facet of the Arts, you can never survive without collaborations. So, embrace it now so we can all move forward”, he said.

The National Music Summit is a platform created in 2021 to bring together industry stakeholders to discuss and share ideas on matters related to the progress of music business in Ghana; without ignoring the role of progress and developments on the global music stage.

By Jerry Wonder Sampson

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